Two More Murders Of White Men In SA. Nothing Mentioned In Mainstream Media

The City of Pretoria literally experienced a black Friday after two cash trucks were robbed

Farm attackers torture victims during invasion, victims burned with iron and boiling water

Crime does not discriminate in SA – A traumatic altercation in with armed robbers has left Saftu’s general secretary and his wife in “desperate need of counselling

Karate dad kills knife-wielding robber during attack – Looks like crooks have met their match with this hero dad

Defenceless White Elderly in SA Targeted by Malicious Terrorists – Elderly Couple Violently Attacked on Smallholding and assaulted with a hammer

Victim of armed robbery and hijacking fights back, shoots and kills suspected robber

Terrorists cowardly beat an old man to death in KZN, he was found gagged and his hands and legs bound – Crime is totally out of control

Four men bought toy guns and went on to rob a nearby shop

Armed and dangerous terrorist attack family in Sunrella AH – father and son shot at, daughter (9) tied up

Couple badly assaulted for two mobile phones, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Robbers stole 50 firearms during robbery in the Eastern Cape

Still, Cyril says everything is ok in SA – Two farm attacks have been reported in the past few hours, where two men who lost their lives

From a thug’s mouth: how to pull off cash-in-transit heists – firstly visit a Sangoma!

A Port Elizabeth dad sends burglars packing with paintball gun