Has Ramaphosa sold South Africa’s soul to the highest bidder after loan agreements with China?

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BRICS Launch a “Propaganda Coalition” to counter Western Mass Media Propaganda Coalition, the home of Consumerism, Materialism and Advertising

Putin: Russia will NOT Save The World From Obama’s New World Order, BUT if This Allied “Empire of Chaos” Affects Russia, There Will Be Pain

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Mandela, Killer of Nations: Atheist, Marxist, Terrorist, New World Order poster boy, Black Pope, Communist Mass Murderer, Abortionist, Role-player…

China tells Ramaphosa to stay out of arrest of Vodacom boss’ family for terrorism. “African Way” does not work in China…

Angolans resent Imperial China Colonising their country, causing Angola to increase police force to suppress dissent.

Africa and Asia Breeding Mankind into Extinction within 100 Years! Top Scientist says it is Unstoppable…