Over 200 Persecuted White South African Farmers Have Applied for Refuge in Australia

20% of White People Have Genetic Resistance To HIV AIDS. NO OTHER Race Has This Natural Immunity

Racist UNHCR. Why do white asylum seekers have to prove persecution yet non-whites are just accepted and given residence or citizenship?

How USA, UK, EU Create Refugees Sending Africa Into Dark Ages with Slavery, Kidnapping, Rape, Torture, Human Trafficking

Guns Sell Out As Europeans Arm Themselves For War After Treasonous EU Governments Abandon Their Safety And Borders

German Nurse Kicked Out of Home of 16 Years To Make Way For “Refugees” in Marxist War on Borders

USA Invades Europe With Refugees? Whistleblower claims USA & CIA is Paying Human Traffickers in Europe to Create Refugee Crisis

“Democracy” = Communism. New UK Labour party leader, a hard line Communist, claims “Democracy” will save them.

Ireland Exposed the Primitive Reasons Given Why Black People get Asylum and not White Africans

The new Black Slave Trade: human trafficking in refugees and asylum seekers is big business!

Why is America taking BLACK refugees from South Africa but NOT Whites?