Another stupid plan on the incompetent ANC’s table – Regime now wants to expand and manage shipping, while all the SOE’s are total failures

Mbalula fixated on the “old SA flag” – When you see the so-called apartheid symbol even in sports shoes, you must know there is something wrong upstairs

80% of Gauteng motorists refuse to pay tolls – This ANC-initiative has been a disaster since onset

Will it be the final downfall of the controversial e-Toll system?

Over 200 truck drivers have been subject to violent attacks in 2019 and more than 2000 vehicles have been damaged by illegal blockades, stoning and arson

Corruption Watch researchers in Durban:- Blatant bribes for driver’s licences

Herman Mashaba claims that the ANC and the ANCYL are behind violent protests which have rocked municipalities across the country, MAYBE the EFF and BLF are involved also

Well with dagga legalised in South Africa this man maybe had to much of it:- White man (trash) declaring support for ANC (video)

Nyanda and Trevor Manual Drop Bombshells – Guptas Wielded Significant Influence in the Appointment and Dismissal of Ministers

Fikile Mbalula confirms he’s been fired as minister of police

ANC vote buying: Mbalula seizes R2.5-million

Mbalula’s solutions to crime: tactical units‚ increase booze tax -Seriously?

Mbalula delivers crime stats, vows to crack down on ‘lazy’ police efforts

Oops! Mbalula red-faced as arrest triumph becomes PR nightmare – Police arrested funeral-goers

Fikile Mbalula: Most farmers are not a “bunch of racists”