Malema claims EFF deputy leader Shivambu is being targeted by an assassin

Life for Public Protector, gets hot – complains of death threats and incident where staff are poisoned

ANC lays criminal charges against Steve Hofmeyr after his tweet: “And when you come to take our lives and land, you will die. ” But it’s OK if the EFF and BLF say Land or Die?

Here is the communication of Karima Brown and with the EFF:- The vile messages Karima Brown received from “EFF supporters”

EFF leader Julius Malema best known anti-white, hate speech ranting villain is receiving blue-light protection – at the cost of the taxpayer – where is the protection for the farmers of the white South African Minority Group?

Auditor-General is struggling to conduct audits due to personnel receiving threats by municipal officials

EFF claims that an assassination attempt on Malema is being planned

Politicians stifle murder investigations