Major traffic warning – Johannesburg is closing down the M2 highway for repairs – SA roads and bridges are facing a crises due to lack of poor maintenance

Grahamstown’s thirst caused by inept officials and misrule from the ANC-regime

The national rail system of SA are in serious trouble – Prasa had nearly 50 collisions last year alone, Transnet had nearly 1,000 collisions – The ANC have some serious explaining to do and this is not Jan van Riebeeck or apartheid’s fault but lack of no maintenance

Collapsing infrastructure highlights ANC government’s incompetence

Some ministerial homes vacant for eight year while millions of rand have been spent on their upkeep, funded by you the tax payer

The DA is just as bad as the ANC party – Fire trucks under DA’s management, broken

South Africa’s electricity system is falling apart – and it is much bigger than just Eskom