Africans and Chinese too are guilty of massive Colonisation and unspeakable Crimes against Humanity

Mandela, Killer of Nations: Atheist, Marxist, Terrorist, New World Order poster boy, Black Pope, Communist Mass Murderer, Abortionist, Role-player…

“Liberal Privilege” won’t save white liberals from being stabbed almost 40 times by black strangers for a phone.

Naspers (News24) quietly implements two inhouse communistic changes. Influenced from China, it’s biggest market?

Black Privilege and Cheapshot Statue Politics exposes how South Africa was designed to fail…

Broadband Internet in South Africa WORST in Africa, Middle East and Europe (EMEA)

Black man’s lies. Truth about the history of land ownership in Southern Africa and the Bantu Empire

SA Matric results “an illusion, a fraud and poor indicator of state of education”

We demand a secret No Confidence vote, Dissolution of Parliament and a General Election!

Blood, blood, rivers of blood, lakes of blood, oceans of blood: Africa

SA Government admits failure by evacuating Rhinos OUT of National Reserve!

South Africa – Banana Republic or, absurdly, even worse?