Comrade Julius Malema sworn in as a member of Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interest in Parliament – what a joke!

EFF intimidation tactics – ‘General’ threatens radio station over Sasha Martinengo where he refer to Malema as a monkey

Breakfast show presenter fired after calling Malema a monkey on air

Malema wants all of us to speak Swahili and it looks like his wish will soon come true after the basic education department announced the language will soon be offered at schools

EFF leader, Julius Malema under attack by his own followers – his car was smashed with stones and his bodyguards were forced to fire live ammunition while escorting him to safety

Watch: Malema tells parliament to stuff their job, he will occupy land, he can do what he wants and nobody can stop him

Lets start the weekend of with a little bit of humor – Malema says Jews are training right wingers as snipers to kill black people

Malema: “There was no gun…there was no live ammunition.” – Ok, so what was it – a hose pipe?

WATCH: Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

Malema refused to confirm or deny allegations that he is ‘maybe’ behind farm murders

Malema threatens the whites with a revolution that will be the highest form of anarchy

EFF leader linked to several underworld figures

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Wednesday again issued a call to poor black South Africans to occupy unused land illegally

EFF claims that an assassination attempt on Malema is being planned

Malema – There is no white genocide happening in SA