Why Ramaphosa may have wanted to tie white people to trees – SA economy is dying while high-skilled emigration continues!

SA taxpayers to fund yet another government bailout – Cash-strapped SAA requests R4bn to survive current financial year after years of mismanagement and corruption

Kusile under financial crossfire – R36 billion owed for alleged arrears for semi-completed power station with design flaws

Bankrupt Eskom’s CEO resigns due to stress- For the sake of the whole of South Africa who will risk taking over?

Junk status winks for Mangaung Metro with liabilities exceeding assets; officials receive generous salaries and cellphone stipends, while levels of service delivery are non-existent

Markets give negative verdict, dark picture is being sketched despite the political euphoria surrounding Ramaphosa

Mining groups lay down workers due to heavy financial losses, SA economy troublesome while unemployment rate continues to rise

Sanlam helps establish black companies, serving lower income groups as target market indicating #Blackprivilege

SA economy in dire stress Mr Cyril! – No growth occurred and Gross Domestic Production shrunk by a shocking 3.2%

Dramatic increase in murder rates increases in SA, with an average of 53 murders per day now, and almost 20,000 murders annually

R500m taken from the poorest of poor in SA – pension fund boss splurged R21 million of Amplats Group Provident Fund, belonging to orphans of mine workers, on luxury mansion

11 PIC Councilors offered to resign amid continuing scandals and suspension of senior staff

Whopping salaries and perks for new cabinet: here are the numbers – Spouses and children also set to score footed by taxpayers money

Nearly Half of Households in SA on Welfare – Rainbow Nation has become welfare state with over 45% of households relying on SASSA

Corruption on corruption, R3.9 billion missing – PIC managing government workers’ savings cannot determine where funds are