Political appointments cause malfunctioning at Municipalities and SOEs, SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s confidence drops

#ParasiticParastatal – SA Express is just another bottomless pit swallowing taxpayers’ money

Culture of protest and destruction established by ANC regime spills over to tertiary institutions

ANC downplays the crisis of attacks and murderers of tourists in South Africa

When the SABC can’t even broadcast local soccer, then you know its doomed

More than 10 million people are unemployed in SA – Rate higher than USA and Germany combined

Video: No Hope Jo’Anna: JHB Becomes Warzone As Protesters Attack SAPS & Sends Them Packing With Stones!

Hendrik Verwoerd to be exploited for the ANC’s failure – Former prime minister will soon be smiling in and around Joburg, members of the community are asked to wipe the smile off his face by fixing ANC’s education system

Eskom is SA’s downfall with net loss of R20.7 billion and a deficit of R59 billion

ANC Youth League management dissolved and now replaced with task team – Today’s youth no longer tomorrow’s future?

SACP / ANC wants to establish totalitarian communist state in SA

Taxpayers forks out R5.4 million for absent civil servants who are currently sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing

12,432 SASSA beneficiaries defrauded on social grants toting up to R21 million

VIDEO: Jacob Zuma Still Can’t Count! Is Zuma Deliberately Fumbling To Avoid Questions at Zondo Commission?

Expropriation of White Land Without Compensation Not Enough For Militant Black Supremacist Groups Like ANCYL & BCF Who Are Training Blacks in SA on Gun Handling, Military & Guerilla Tactics