More rubbish and lies from Ramaphosa: Cyril, blames BLACK THREATS on White people

BLF-leader declared war on white people in South Africa – Calls for slaughtering of whites, including women and children

From The Grave: Clive Derby-Lewis – Hero who Killed SA Communist Party Leader. Secret Interview Just Before His Death!

The National Defense Force is looking for white recruits to join the army

WATCH: BLF leader: “Any white person who touches us, we will send them to hell!”

FW de Klerk says white people in South-Africa will be forced to leave the country

Rustenburg hearing: ‘Only expropriate white-owned land’

Solidarity set for Sasol strike after white employees excluded in empowerment scheme

In which direction is South Africa heading?

Malema: “Whites are the safest people in South Africa”

Malema threatens the whites with a revolution that will be the highest form of anarchy

Madness of the new SA, how does the victim become the criminal?

White man Pieter Howes wants to be pro-black and supports the EFF

Can this be true: Everything Ramaphosa does is to please white people !! – Malema