7th Brics loan worth R7 billion to be granted to the SA National Roads Agency, controlled by ANC regime will probably not be used for optimal benefits for road users

80% of Gauteng motorists refuse to pay tolls – This ANC-initiative has been a disaster since onset

E-toll fight not yet finalized – ANC regime divided over controversial system, billion rands of outstanding debt not yet recovered

Road users who do not pay their E-toll are now in SERIOUS TROUBLE: Sanral is now blacklisting motorists for unpaid fees

Once again taxpayers will have to pay for the sins of the ANC-regime – SAA, Post Office and other ailing SOEs to receive billions in cash-bailouts

15 000 motorists have been sued – Failed E-toll system has not yet been scrapped

E-Fail: E-tolls a failure, so Sanral proposes ‘Plan B’