They live like kings in prison, no wonder the young terrorists wants to go to jail:- Child killer’s lavish lifestyle in jail being probed

And there goes the taxpayer’s money up in flames AGAIN:- MyCiti bus attacks cost City of Cape Town R10 million

Witness in gruesome Mooinooi murders (Anisha and Joey Van Niekerk) killed in accident

Another fail in Justice for another white family, the Dirk Snyders family, the murder of a Hartbeespoort-resident, and the young terrorist gets a slap on the wrist.

BREAKING NEWS:- Jason Rohde found guilty of murdering his wife

AfriForum hand deliver copy of Kill the Boer to President Cyril Ramaphosa

BREAKING NEWS:- Bosasa Scandal: President Ramaphosa says he will turn son in, if found guilty

UPDATE:- Hannah Cornelius trial: Judgement set to be handed down on Wednesday (today)

The Krugersdorp Killers Case Update: Most bizarre details of the trial so far

Worst is yet to come in SA! Police to promote MK, Apla freedom fighters to top rank, former MK and Apla members in the police service will then be officers

Search continues for an 82-year-old man from Welkom‚ Free State‚ who went missing six weeks ago

Another one bites the dust – Pinetown motorist fights back, stabs criminal to death

Savage farm attack, elderly couple severely injured, Theoville

South Africa is allegedly supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, ruling ANC-regime involved in war crimes