20,000 Unlicensed weapons destroyed by SAPS

Pravin Gordhan is accused of restricting the media’s right to freedom of speech

Airlines transports illegal aliens to SA even though Immigration Act of 2002 states that no one can enter the country without a passport

As New SA Crashes The Old South African Flag Is Declared Hate Speech by Equality Court and will be illegal to display as it allegedly violates black people’s human dignity

#Blackprivilege: Community members who neither buy nor pay for electricity services outraged after electricity supply was cut and demands Eskom to restore power

Illegal squatters under siege by rubber bullets during evicting proces, now threaten to make Mamelodi ungovernable if ANC regime does not provide free housing to them

Brace yourself for an invasion of illegal Zimbabwean immigrants since researchers say they are likely to relocate to SA amid unrest in their country

Finally the truth is being told! – Denel Admits Bursary Granted To Supra Mahumapelo’s Son Was Illegal

City of Cape Town evicted illegal businesses from Steenberg

JZ nukes protocol for his own agenda

Thousands of illegal KZN ANC members uncovered ahead of December conference

Prasa board reinstated and Transport Minister to pay the costs