ANC government focused on looting and not maintenance of infrastructure- over a period of 25 years they repeatedly showed that they are was unable to manage or govern

Vicky Momberg, who uttered the K-word at a black police, again behind bars

S&P Global, which downgraded SA to junk status, warns ANC government that it will not be easy to restore land

Unemployment Insurance Fund pays more than R63,000 to registered unemployed ‘ghosts’ so one man can benefit from it

EFF’s Gardee: Racist Boer pastor’ Buchan’s event should be blown up – This is an incitement to violence and he should be prosecuted

ANC regime’s debt to SA municipalities exceeds R1bn

Zuma pretending to be ill to escape jail time like his former friend Schabir Shaik?

Ramaphose’s dreams on new job creation opportunities are not taken seriously – bigotry and mismanagement go hand in hand amidst the ANC-regime

Its still theft, no matter what you call it! ANC regime continues land expropriation without compensation policy

Controversial ‘Land or Death’ party BLF, finally deregistered as political party

R100 – that’s how much Soweto residents want to pay Eskom for electricity each month

#Whitelife don’t matter! 28 Farm attacks, 3 farm murders in South Africa in October 2019 – A staggering statistic and the government says its not happening

Eskom warns – Be prepared for ‘load shedding at short notice’

The Department of Tourism is setting up a ridiculous trap gate costing taxpayers R4.5 million to promote tourism

SA Investment Conference does not create expectations for a better economy