Millions of Rands of taxpayers money are exploited on State’s funeral burials for so called struggle hero’s to please ancestral spirits while thousands of citizens are living in poverty

South Africa is in shambles since ANC- regime is totally incompetent to work with money, spending more than R296 million of taxpayers money unnecessarily over the last five years

Some ministerial homes vacant for eight year while millions of rand have been spent on their upkeep, funded by you the tax payer

Bankrupt Mangaung Metro does not have money for service delivery, but can spend a whopping R4.5 million during a festival

Living the luxurious life funded by taxpayers- Ministers’ spouses take their free ride to international destinations

SABC nearing bankruptcy yet executives pocket R45 million in paychecks

‘Private healthcare not affordable, even for people who are supposedly rich’

112 Municipalities won’t have enough money to cover their expenses