Police brutality ignored – 40,000 Criminal charges against SA police, only 532 cases have led to prosecution

ANC lays criminal charges against Steve Hofmeyr after his tweet: “And when you come to take our lives and land, you will die. ” But it’s OK if the EFF and BLF say Land or Die?

We are placed on this earth to look after animals and stop them becoming extinct or treated cruelly, but then there are ‘those people’, animal cruelty charges laid against lion farmer (not for sensitive viewers)

Gangster State book written by Pieter-Louis Myburgh launch were chaotic: DA lays criminal charges against protesters, the ANCYL! (video)

Jacob ‘shower-head’ Zuma could face US investigation over $30 million deal with Gaddafi, you can run but you can’t hide

Terror Lekota went to the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria to lay criminal charges against attacks on Whites

The Gupta’s holiday is over:- South Africa and UAE sign extradition agreement

Goverment spent R30m on three state funerals this year. What kind of parties are they having on our money just to say goodbye to their dead and making their ancestors rich!

SABC considering criminal charges against Hlaudi- He is actually feeling the heat now