How many Atheists have given or received Christmas gifts today? Merry Christmas for the year 12,016!

SA-News predicts a Trump win for the same reasons as BRexit won. Independence Day 2.0

New online code-words outwit Leftist PC censorship. Ni**ers = Googles, a gay man is Butterfly and Muslims are Skittles.

World Supremacist George Soros is betting $500 Million that White People are the Stupidest People on Earth!

United States Will Attack Russian Civilians If Putin Doesn’t Stop Fighting ISIS: DOS

The Genocidal Revolving Doors between Big Business, Big Military and Big Government

Terror Alert In Paris – Paris ‘Shooting’: Police Swarm ‘Church’ Amid Reports Of Gunfire And Hostages

Leaked Pelosi Memo: Obama Helped Create ISIS

Europe Debates The Burkini

Brainwashed Australians Hold Rallies Demanding Millions Of Muslims To Be Taken In

12-14-Year Old Child Behind Suicide Bombing That Killed 51 At Turkey Wedding – Erdog

Former Gitmo Detainee And Al Qaeda Leader Promises “New And Creative Ways” To Kill Americans

Switzerland – Muslim Psychopath Goes Beserk – Set Train Alight Injuring 7 Passengers

Deadly Wave Of Co-Ordinated Explosions Rattles Thailand