It pays to be a criminal in South-Africa since unemployed ex-offenders will now receive a social grant for a transitional period after serving their sentences

Living the luxurious life funded by taxpayers- Ministers’ spouses take their free ride to international destinations

No wonder municipal service delivery is so poor in SA because 50% of city councils bosses are not qualified for the position they currently holds

Beware of security companies! – Armed robberies are taking place with the help of employees in the security sector

Brutal farm attack in Rayton, 2 hour horrific ordeal for five victims

Government’s so called land reform projects a complete failure – four former productive farms in the Eastern-Cape now derelict

Eskom is planning to recover losses from corruption and loopholes by increasing your tariffs to recover over R66bn but still you will face loadshedding since there are no coal reserves

Standard Bank warned that their license will be suspended if they close Gupta’s bank account

Power struggle in the inner circles of the ANC is claiming its toll

The forgotten white people of South Africa that is hidden by the media

Another ANC failure – Carroll Shaw Memorial Centre is far from being a food-providing flagship for Gauteng, Krugersdorp farming NPO is a squalid dump


What character? – Malema sues ANC Youth League for defamation of character

SARS financial position is in a state of total chaos due to corruption, now the entity is seeking tax evaders to restore the disastrous situation

This is how ANC waste taxpayers money – After a year, R20 million’s Casspirs has not yet made their appearance