#ParasiticParastatale The ANC is the Worst Virus to Hit Any Country! Road Accident Fund (RAF) Debt Levels Chasing Eskom Debt Levels, Possibly Reaching R800 BILLION in 5 Years!

About R1 billion fraudulent applications  is suspected in Road Accident Fund – more than 514 cases investigated

Fuel now more expensive than gold says consumers mockingly

The Road Accident Fund disaster – Victims could be left destitute, despite the high fuel levy we pay for accident insurance

Double trouble for South African motorists, you can expect a massive petrol price increase in April, warns AA

SA motorists brace yourself for big fuel tax increases the coming months – seems like the ANC-regime wants to recoup their loses by taxing you more on fuel levies

Petrol prices news: Government will increase the fuel levy in November

Some relieve for motorists in November 2018, first decrease in eight months expected

Once again taxpayers will have to pay for the sins of the ANC-regime – SAA, Post Office and other ailing SOEs to receive billions in cash-bailouts

Looking at 10 Years of fuel prices compared and the reasons for the price rises

October fuel price outlook is a ‘major concern’ for Minister of Energy

Another state institution bites the dust – Government’s RAF has a shortage of money

State-owned enterprises: Which one costs South African taxpayers the most money?

The real reason SA’s doctors won’t deliver your baby

The real reason SA’s doctors won’t deliver your baby