Bad news for motorists: unleaded octane fuel inland will cost you more than R16 a litre,

Petrol Price expected to go up 7 cents for 95 octane and 4 cents for 93 grade

Brace for impact, everybody – Petrol price set for a massive increase – Wonder if there is any truth in the saying, that every time the ANC-regime needs money, they raise the petrol price?

Energy minister Jeff Radebe is embroiled in a mystery $1bn (R14.5bn) oil deal in war-ravaged South Sudan

Double trouble for South African motorists, you can expect a massive petrol price increase in April, warns AA

It seems likely that rolling petrol price increases, last experienced in the latter half of 2018, are expected to make a dubious return this year – Petrol price increase in March to be higher than first expected

It’s going to be a Prosperous New Year for motorists, but for how long- Petrol price decrease South Africans can expect to pay in January

Some good news for holiday goers:- forecast predicts “biggest ever” decrease for SA

Some official good news for motorists:- Petrol prices set to be slashed in December

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Energy minister slips up on oil plan