Motorists are going to have to buckle up once more since petrol are about to cost R17-per-litre in June

R20 a litre for petrol is possible before the end of 2019 – indicating the difficulties ANC-regime has in finding any solutions to reduce the shock of escalating prices on SA’s businesses and consumers

Motorists in SA now have to fill the bankrupt ANC regime’s treasury – 60% of fuel price consists of taxes and levies

Hijackings skyrocket in KZN along with scary new trend where victims are now being abducted by attackers

The Automobile Association says South Africa motorists can expect “massive” fuel price cuts in January

New hijacking trick hits Gauteng – Police issued a warning after two motorists fell victim on the same day using the same method

Christmas bonus for motorists will reward consumers with an extra few rands in their wallet – AA predicts big discounts for motorists

Nowadays fuel  are becoming a luxury in SA –  Motorists are going to cough up to fill that fuel tank

Excessively high fuel prices in South Africa are the result of an useless ANC government

15 000 motorists have been sued – Failed E-toll system has not yet been scrapped

Petrol predicted to hit R19 by end of 2018

Rand fall and fuel prices rise after government’s reckless statements about land expropriation

Cry our beloved country – Criminals start using petrol bombs to stop cars and rob motorists

Government increases vehicle licence fees

E-Fail: E-tolls a failure, so Sanral proposes ‘Plan B’