Holidaymakers will now have to pay more for that long-awaited holiday due to rise in fuel prices

Petrol price increases again – Here is how much you will pay for fuel from October

Petrol increases by 11 cents and diesel by 25 cents per liter

Bad news for motorists: unleaded octane fuel inland will cost you more than R16 a litre,

Petrol Price expected to go up 7 cents for 95 octane and 4 cents for 93 grade

R20 a litre for petrol is possible before the end of 2019 – indicating the difficulties ANC-regime has in finding any solutions to reduce the shock of escalating prices on SA’s businesses and consumers

Brace for impact, everybody – Petrol price set for a massive increase – Wonder if there is any truth in the saying, that every time the ANC-regime needs money, they raise the petrol price?

The Automobile Association says South Africa motorists can expect “massive” fuel price cuts in January

Christmas bonus for motorists will reward consumers with an extra few rands in their wallet – AA predicts big discounts for motorists

AA warns motorists to brace for possible fuel price hike in July

Racist window washer allegedly threatened to set “white [email protected]#stard” on fire with petrol and matches

Fuel prices expected to drop by 36 cents