The cheek of it all, eh? – Major municipalities set for 15% hike in electricity tariffs

Brace for impact, everybody – Petrol price set for a massive increase – Wonder if there is any truth in the saying, that every time the ANC-regime needs money, they raise the petrol price?

It seems likely that rolling petrol price increases, last experienced in the latter half of 2018, are expected to make a dubious return this year – Petrol price increase in March to be higher than first expected

Eskom is going to destroy SA if it continues with unreasonably tariff increases, which is a 45% increase for consumers over the next three years just to maintain its pathetic management style

Excessively high fuel prices in South Africa are the result of an useless ANC government

AA warns motorists to brace for possible fuel price hike in July

ESKOM wants a 30% price hike as part of its plan to recover tens of billions of rands