New R28.6 billion project at Ethekwini Municipality just another initiative for ANC government to waste money

Auto racing on the increase on Durban streets- traffic department says they can’t issue fine tickets because camera system is not functioning properly

Rats infest Durban CBD because of uncollected rubbish on the streets, Business and tourism now being threatened

Sh*thole country? – Swimming, surfing and fishing banned in Durban due to raw sewage in water – surf contest, been called to protect the safety and health of surfers

Illegal protest by eThekwini municipal workers who downed tools, caused R3.5m damage in municipal infrastructure

Dear Cyril, this is what happens when you compensate for land and businesses, but damn, you guys just can’t farm – Chicken farms bought by eThekwini for R15m left barren

Illegal land grabs take place in Durban after hundreds of people who are fed up with slow pace of housing delivery allocated plots themselves and start building shacks

This is how ANC waste taxpayers money – After a year, R20 million’s Casspirs has not yet made their appearance

N2 protest: Burning tyres and confusion brings Durban drivers to a halt

Durban is slowly becoming a seaside city without any sand

Protesters gather outside Durban ICC over city’s proposed ‘secrecy’ law


Angry shack dwellers march on Durban city hall: protesting about mayor’s politics of lies and oppression

Durban municipality digs up old graves to recycle it – It could be your loved ones grave next?