Will NPA prosecute Zuma

JOHANNESBURG – Today is the deadline for a team of prosecutors considering former president Jacob Zuma’s representations to make a recommendation to prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams on whether or not to reinstate charges relating to fraud and corruption.

Zuma submitted reasons as to why he should not have his day in court at the end of last month, nine years after the original decision to prosecute was withdrawn.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Appeal set aside former National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Mokotedi’s Mpshe’s decision to halt the case against Zuma.

Abrahams appointed a six-member team of senior prosecutors to consider Zuma’s representations and report back to him by the end of Friday.

One of the members on that team is advocate Billy Downer, who was the prosecutor originally assigned to handle the case.

Downer strongly opposed the decision in 2009 to withdraw the charges against Zuma, believing the State had a strong case against him.

Abrahams informed Zuma last year that more than 200 witnesses had been located and had expressed their availability to testify if needed.

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