Will mandela’s Admission of Guilt in the Murder of 156 Innocent Civilians be made public with Rivonia Trial Tapes?

Nearly two years after edited tapes from the South African Rivonia trial were “restored” and handed to the ANC regime by the French Audiovisual Institute, the Department of Arts and Culture has finally launched them online. The trial saw  Nelson Mandela and other African National Congress (ANC) terror leaders charged with 221 counts of sabotage and terrorism.

For the first time, the full proceedings (allegedly) of the trial will be available to listen to, giving fresh insight into the infamous hearings that were condemned by the United Nations Security Council and saw Mandela and other ANC members sentenced to life in prison. Whether it will include his admission of guilt in the killing of 156 innocent civilians remains to be seen or rather heard. Why it took nearly two years to be released to the public one can only guess…

Laurent Vallet, President of INA said: “Our teams at INA, in cooperation with LARHA (History research center of Rhône-Alpes) and the ENS Lyon (École Normale Supérieure), are extremely proud to offer their expertise and know-how in safeguarding such a universal testimony in the fight for human rights. This partnership is the perfect example of the international ambitions of INA, but it is above all an illustration of the mutual trust established between INA and the Republic of South Africa”.


Clearly “international ambitions” were given preference to factual and historic accuracy.

Mandela gave one of his most well publicised speeches during the trial, which took place between October 1963 and June 1964 in apartheid South Africa. The speech lasted three hours and was the last time he would speak publicly until he was released from prison almost 30 years later, in 1990.

Armed with these recordings of the Rivonia Trial, we shall be able to tell the full story of this trying period in our history with sound, words and silences to present and future generations in all its glory, its horror and ultimately its triumphs.” Minister Nathi Mthethwa said at the time, clearly intimating that the propaganda battle still rages fiercely and that truth is probably a victim too, as the ANC regime continues to amass profit and power from racism.

The trial was named after the Johannesburg suburb where some of the defendants were arrested for terrorism and working with the ANC, furthering communism and soliciting money, among other charges. The group was operating as an underground terrorist network after it was outlawed in 1960.

The Department of Arts and Culture will launch the online edited recordings at the National Archives and Records Services of South Africa in Pretoria on November 17.

France’s National Audio-visual Institute (INA) began editing, restoring and digitising the recordings of the Rivonia Trial in 2013. The original versions of the recordings were apparently deteriorating.

In March 2016, it gave the edited audio files to South Africa at a ceremony at the Palace of Justice in Pretoria, where the trial had taken place. South Africa announced it would release the full audiovisual recordings to build awareness and make the recordings accessible to future generations

The country began to repeal most of its devolution of power and segregation policies in 1991, after years of international boycotts and politically correct pressure, under President F.W de Klerk. Since then the country has fallen apart and now has a reputation as the crime rape and corruption capital of Africa, if not the world. It has also implemented 119 race based laws and regulations AGAINST whites, effectively reversing apartheid.

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