#WANTED:  Jurgen Vanerkeere, Belgium National, In The Murder Of Chantelle Barnard In 2011



Jurgen Vanerkeere, a Belgium national, has been a fugitive since just before his trial was due to proceed in September 2013.

Vandekeere allegedly raped 20-year-old Chantelle Barnard and slit her throat before bathing her body back in April 2011 in Benoni.

Her mother discovered Chantelle’s body when she entered the house and saw Jurgen with bite marks and hands in bandages.  She then she saw a pool of blood and her daughter’s naked body lying on the floor.

Interpol is still looking for this man and doesn’t know whether he is still in South Africa or flew to Europe.

Chantelle’s parents are still looking for closure.

Truth and Justice Continue


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