Vrede Dairy Farm NOT The Only Black Hole in the #StealState

This is an absolute disgrace and then the ANC wants to take farms from whites, who do actually produce food, without compensation? This is how your tax money is spent in the Steal State:

Take the BEE schemes at the farm Wildehondekop at Parys.

Ten years ago a BEE scheme was started with 10 hydroponic tunnels for the production of vegetables. People involved with the project disappeared with the money and the rest of the equipment was stolen and carried away.

The Free State Department of Agriculture again constructed 10 hydroponic tunnels as well as a storeroom, bathroom, kitchen, big cooling room and 2 boreholes. Between 2010 and 2012 the Department constructed another 10 hydroponic tunnels and for a while, the project with its 10 workers produced some vegetables but the project was halted after a while because of conflict in the group.

The cost of the first 10 tunnels alone was R10 million.

The department appointed a mentor for the workers but no co-operation could be established from the workers’ side.

In 2014 the Department attempted to construct 2 chicken houses on the farm to accommodate 40 000 chickens each. The 2 chicken houses were only half completed and today there are still boxes and boxes of the wrong equipment that were imported from China standing on the farm.

The Department even attempted to build a further 2 chicken houses but due to bad planning and contractors who are not up to the task the chicken houses are standing abandoned, still, no production and is decaying in wind and weather.

The property’s fences had to be done over 2 times already despite the presence of security guards who have to be paid on a monthly basis.


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