Gambling franchise Topbet says the manager responsible for initiating a strip-search at its Germiston branch has been dismissed with immediate effect.

Topbet has recently come under fire after over 20 female clerks were allegedly forced to undress and be physically inspected on the premises.

– A woman, who was suspended from a gambling company for laying criminal charges after she was strip-searched and violated, says she’s disappointed and disturbed after the company accused her of lying about her experience.

Three female employees at Topbet have described to Eyewitness News how they were forced to strip and were physically inspected by cleaners after a small amount of menstrual blood was found in the staff toilet.

The company has confirmed that the incident happened but has disputed some details.

Topbet’s co-owner Aisling O’Connor says as soon as the company was made aware of the incident, a manager was deployed to the Germiston branch to find out what happened.

But she says not all the women were forced to strip.

“My cleaners and the other staff members say Gladys and another older lady were excluded and they’ve written statements that she was not searched.”

However, the woman says she has no reason to lie about her experience.

“How can I waste my time going to the police station and the doctor to report the matter over something that didn’t happen to me? It happened.”

Topbet has also admitted to suspending the woman for opening a sexual harassment case.

She says she has not heard from management since EWN broke the story.



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