SACP, the largest Communist Party, has never won a single vote. Will they now come out and step off ANC shoulders?

Not only is the South African Communist Party the second oldest in the World, it is also the largest. Yet in all half a century they have NEVER recieved a single vote at the ballot box. Once again we see proof that democracy is communism by the back door.

Mike Smith deconstructs their recent congress thus:

This past week we saw 789 Communist militants attend the 3rd “Special National Congress” of the SA (Champagne) Communist Party (SACP) at the University of Johannesburg campus in Soweto.

“Special National Congress”…Is that similar to the “Special Olympics”?

I could have sworn it was if you listened to its retarded leader, Comrade Blade Nzimande, delivering speeches against “Monopoly Capital”, Trade Unionists (who also see him as idiotic) and the already leftist biased media not being leftist enough…amongst others.

At the end of the five day Marxist pig fest, he actually admitted that the decision of a “Media Tribunal” was an SACP one, not a Troika one. He doesn’t want the ANC or Cosatu to take credit for this baby monster he spawned by fucking his own sick brain and is so proud of.

These Champagne Communists also had no problem rocking up at the conference with Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz’s, BMWs and Jeep Grand Cherokees to symbolise the struggle against “Monopoly Capital” and show “The Poor” they pretend to represent a great fat Communist middle finger.

What really drives Communism in South Africa

Comrade Blade also doesn’t like competition and showed how scared he was that an upstart pig might elbow him out of his position at the feeding trough when he raged against the EFF saying that the Young Communist League (YCL) should take on the Economic Freedom Fighters to make sure the party ”dies”

”They must engage them ideologically, they must engage them politically, they must engage them on the ground in terms of ensuring that the EFF dies…

”Alright, we don’t mean physical death, we mean organisational death,” he said, when asked to expand on his comments.

Yeah right you Communist asshole, Anyone who challenges you are differs from you should be killed.

Nzimande admitted that the EFF came from ”our structures”, referring to EFF president Julius Malema presiding over the ANC Youth League before he was kicked out of the party.

But, he added, ”we always have factory faults, like any production process”.

Often it is not what Communists SAY that you should listen to, but what they OMIT.

Trevor Manual took them on and asked who they represent, what legitimacy they have and whether they at least have “an understanding of Marxist-Leninism”?

I quote:

“The history of the SACP is intertwined with the struggles of mine workers. The 1922 and 1946 mine workers’ strikes have been profoundly significant in the history of the SACP.

Yet there is this deafening silence from the party of workers about the events at Marikana. Sure, Nzimande drew attention to the lives of the 10 workers killed in the week before August 16. Impressively, he mentioned some of them by name. But he hasn’t whispered a word about the 34 mine workers mowed down on August 16 2012 and the impact of the attack on the struggle of the working class. There is no statement, even about the Marikana Commission report. “

End of quote.

Manuel carried on:

This week there was a significant judgment in the Western Cape High Court in favour of the most exploited farm workers who have illegal deductions from their wages.

This judgment was not applauded by the SACP, perhaps because it was a court decision (aren’t all judges “class enemies”?) of the Western Cape High Court (enemy territory). The fact that the beneficiaries are likely to be the poor who cede too much to the mashonisa is ignored. …Whatever happened to the saying: “Workers of the world unite”?

Basically, Manuel said that the SACP’s role in the ANC/Cosatu/ SACP Troika was to provide leadership, but is unable to and therefore the ANC would be better off without them.

However the SACP claimed: “We represent some 230,000 SACP members – marking a significant increase of 70,000 members in just two years.”

A few years ago they only had about 50,000 members, then it jumped to 150,000 and now 230,000. Either the SACP is lying and pulling a fast one, or they are genuinely actively recruiting members.


What is their plan?

Despite Cosatu pledging its support for the SACP at the Communist Special Olympics, this week the retards of the Cosatu Trade Unions are holding their own “Special Olympics” in Midrand without NUMSA and one of nine trade unions loyal to Zwelenzima Vavi, their former axed leader basically kicked out by the SACP, that will not attend.

Delegates arrive at Cosatu Special Olympics

But why do we call them retards??

Well here is the proof. “The Cosatu congress started around two hours later than scheduled. Members of the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union also joined the proceedings late, after they were delayed due to transport problems.”

Bickering stalls Cosatu Special Olympics

The congress also starts in the absence of journalists who were shown the door. They are so scared that the media will cover the chimpout… And show the world the truth about them.

Meanwhile in the far north… The ANC, which once scooped over 80 percent of the votes in Limpopo, has not only lost 60 percent of membership but confidence among members is at its lowest as officials are at each other’s throats.

ANC determined to quell the infighting

So now you have it…Infighting in the ANC and loss of membership, several Cosatu unions splitting away, The SACP wanting to kill the radical leftist EFF and the SACP increasing its membership.

What does it all mean…In the next election the SACP is going to go it ALONE.

The SACP only used Cosatu and the ANC to build themselves up strong enough to take over South Africa on their own and usher in their Communist Utopia. It has been the plan all along. Shortly the EFF will be kicked to the curb too. Communist do not like competition.

However Trevor Manuel got it wrong. It is the other way around. The SACP does not need Cosatu and the ANC. The poor ANC and Cosatu have become obsolete. The Troika is obsolete. There is only space for one pig at the trough and that is the SACP.

The ANC and Cosatu will soon find out that they were just “used like condoms” (to paraphrase Malema) by the SACP and will now be discarded. If they try to stand in the way of the Communists they will get slaughtered…



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