SA Author Ruben Groenewald’s UK boxing exposé ebook unveiled on Amazon

A South African writer Ruben Groenewald’s e-book ‘Broken Dreams: The Untold Truth’ has just made his appearance on the famous Amazon platform.

This new story from Groenewald’s pen is based on a true event that deals with the love and deception of boxer. Lionel is an 8 year old boy who was forced by his father to start boxing after the death of his older brother in a car crash. The book tells us how Lionel has overcome all the challenges in his life and even won the world title in England. The story also contains very tangible evidence of how corruption prevailed in top management circles and how Lionel even had to sleep in his car in London after his British driver was off with about £ 60,000 from him.

Here is an extract from the e-book ‘Broken Dreams: the Untold Truth’ by Ruben Groenewald:

“Growing up in the city of Primrose was never easy or straightforward. Dreams are either made or broken. Unlike many people I grew up with, I was lucky to have guidance from day one and I did not come from a single parent home so I was lucky in that I was raised by both my parents. I always promised myself that I would never drink, smoke or take drugs. Alcohol stole so much from my family and I already and I did not want to go down that same road as my father. I hate alcohol. My father had a bit of a drinking problem. I can count on my hand the times I saw my dad sober while I grew up but that did not make him a bad person. He was a good man who loved his family and there were reasons for his drinking problem.


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