Pretoria Mom Distraught After Daughter Hijacked, Hacked To Death

SA police. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)

The mother of a woman who was brutally murdered after she was hijacked more than a week ago, says the incident has left her speechless.

Although the circumstances surrounding the murder of 35-year-old Dianne Ayres are still sketchy, her mother, Rose, believes the police will be able to solve the case.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday Rose said she had just identified her daughter’s body and described the brutal murder in which her daughter had been dismembered.

“I just came back from viewing my beloved Dianne. My daughter was hacked to death and thrown out of [a] car… May the people who did this burn in hell forever and longer,” she wrote.

 Rose said the Facebook outburst was unlike her.

“You know, I was very angry when I posted on Facebook. I am sorry I said I hoped the people who did it would burn in hell, because it’s not like me, but I was angry and sad, and I can’t take it back.

“We are beyond devastated. It is mind-blowing. We don’t know… we are trying to find answers ourselves and we aren’t getting any,” she said.

Rose described her daughter, who lived with her, as a kind and loving person.

“She was a people’s person. She was a loving person. Everybody loved her,” she said.

“She was my daughter. She was a wonderful person. We were more like friends than mother and daughter,” Rose added.

Culpable Homicide Investigation

She said the family was waiting for DNA tests to be completed before they could start making memorial service and funeral arrangements.

“She’s got a big circle of friends and this sent shock waves throughout Pretoria. I am still trying to come to terms with this,” she said.

Villieria police spokesperson Coba Brits said the bruised body of a woman was found on the N1, east of Kilner Park, on November 29.

At the time she was still unknown. After several attempts by police to determine her identity, a woman was reported missing and police linked the two cases, Brits said.

He said investigations were still in the early stages.

“All leads are being investigated and no conclusions have been made at the moment,” Brits said.

Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide.

By:  Jan Bornman and Iavan Pijoos/News24

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