White Fertility Rates at Extinction Level!

Because White Fertility Rates are at Extinction Level, White Murders ARE more Serious… Listen…
Most European populations are hovering around a 1.3 fertility rate, meaning they are not even replacing themselves.
Statistically it is impossible for a population to recover from such a low fertility rate and extinction is almost certain.
Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Europeans recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again and close or strengthen their borders.
I would like to address the “equality” justification that neo liberals use, for example the liberal SAFFA’s (expat South Africans) who claim to be marching for “ALL” in London next week, who have banned mention of white genocide from their march…
I agree that all people should be treated equally, but there is one glaring fact they overlook.
European populations are statistically on the decline and are at extinction levels! The fact that Europeans are becoming extinct is the reason why we cannot say “all races are being killed equally”.
Because Europeans are not replacing themselves through fertility they are becoming endangered.
To draw a parallel: we cry for every Rhino that gets slaughtered because they are endangered, but we are not too concerned if a cow is killed. Or should we say “don’t worry about the Rhino’s being killed because cows get killed everyday” too?
African populations have exploded by 900% since 1900 and by 500% since 1950’s. (Despite famine, poverty, plagues, disease, etc. etc.) in fact, statistically speaking, Africa has been a very successful population. However, European fertility rate averages just over 1.3 (For Muslims it is 8.0!) – the differences in population growth is staggering and that get’s ignored when people want to claim that white murders should be seen in the same light! Europeans CHOOSE to have smaller families with a higher standard of living and quality of life, yet they are persecuted for this? Europeans act responsibly when times are hard and have less kids, yet are being flooded out of their own countries by MultiNational corporations who are allegedly importing “workers” (That is the narrative they give out anyway). These corporations pay Politicians to push non white immigration. Their is NO loyalty to the host country at all! In effect the Multinational Corporations are a CANCER in the host nation:
Cancer: the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
So while you think you are being noble and moral by treating all murders equally, you are actually inadvertently being complicit in their genocide. If however you actively oppose and fight against people who are trying to help European populations survive, you are actively engaging in genocide. You can no longer claim ignorance…
Each white that gets killed in South Africa is a great loss, as is any death… but… Listen and open your heart… to your own people.
Don Deon

The Lion is rising again…




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