Police warden becomes criminal – warden caught with 96 mandrax pills at Pollsmoor Prison

Well-known retail struggles heavily due to SA’s faltering economy and shows profit drop of over 18%

Western Cape recovers after severe drought – dams average content achieved 82%

Trade unions are going to “support” the unbundling of Eskom in fear of job losses


National Health Insurance Plan of ANC regime – this is what you need to know!

Just in Africa! Used coffins found at residential home during drug raid – wonder what happened to the corpses?

#WhiteLivesDontMatter: Harsh reality of #FarmMurder in rural South Africa. A horrific story told by survivor of yet another atrocity

The Rand remains on a rollercoaster of volatility -the currency continued to weaken due to the heightened global growth risks after talk of financial bailout for Eskom

CR17 payouts – It appears that the Minister of Small Business had bought votes for Ramaphosa in order for him to win ANC election

Eastern Transvaal village of Kriel suffers huge air pollution due to Eskom coal power station

Ramaphosa approved new law that frees debt burden of millions of people – however, it is speculated that whites will be excluded from new legislation once again

Ecological disaster strikes Natal – 1,600 million liters of oil and acid are dumped into the river, killing thousands of fish and losing vegetation

1 000ha of Limpopo farmland burnt in protest action – six farms near Vaalharts set alight by angry community members after cellphone tower collapse- savages choose cellphone communication over food security