Disgusting is not a proper word! BLF Leader, Andile, Celebrates The Farm Murder of Elderly Couple Shot While Sleeping!

Small coastal village in Northern Cape, Kleinsee is flooded with illegal diamond miners

Edcon group, which owns Edgars, may be bankrupt

A quarter of a century later, after FW de Klerk and Tutu set up the Presidents Fund, thousands of victims of the apartheid era are still waiting for compensation, fingers are now pointing to ANC regime who might have exploited the funds

The Automobile Association says South Africa motorists can expect “massive” fuel price cuts in January

Sly criminals pocketed money donations for Jacob Zuma’s legal costs in lawless stunt

BREAKING NEWS:- Limpopo farmer, Johan Kruger, was murdered Friday morning on his farm in Alldays

BREAKING NEWS:- Another Farm Murder: Elderly couple slain in Western Cape

Rob Packham, alleged wife killer, was rearrested after breaking bail conditions

Juju and land grabs: How to interpret the Trespass Acts and Riotous Assemblies

A black artist causes chaos with “blame it on the boers” piece [graphic content]

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Terror Lekota went to the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria to lay criminal charges against attacks on Whites

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