Old South African flag on Stellenbosch pavement can now be trampled on at Woordfees festival

The old South African flag, including the names of Kallie Kriel, FW de Klerk, Steve Hofmeyr and PW Botha, written on are laid down on a pavement in Stellenbosch so people can walk on it.

Johan Pienaar, a well-known Stellenbosch activist, is responsible for the exhibition of the flag that takes place on a sidewalk while the Woordfees is held in the town this week.

Pienaar himself says he receives varying reaction, from very positive, to someone who threatened to “donner” him. He described the flag as a protest action.

He explains on Twitter and Facebook under the title AboutThatFlag that people are invited to participate in the conversation and to walk on the flag – “but not in support of the flag, its exhibition or apartheid”.

On Twitter, Pienaar tells that the name of the flag and the names of the people is horrendous, but the exhibition is within the context of, and an invitation to participate in the conversation that “strangely we have in 2018”.

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