‘Men in orange jumpsuits’ pushing police van got public talking

The police in the Free State got people on the verge after a photo shot by five men pushing a police van through Bloemfontein’s streets was shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Three of the men are dressed in orange overalls and although it is unclear in the picture whether the covers have the license plate of the correctional services, most social media users have already (wrongly) decided that they were prisoners who had to climb out of the van to to help push it.

On Fikile Mbalula, police minister’s Twitter account (@MbalulaFikile Min of Police: Mr Fearfokkol), some expressed their total disbelief about the situation, while others believe the men should be eligible for their early assistance at least for early retirement. to the police.

Brig. Motantsi Makhele, communications chief of the police in the Free State, said many of the province’s police vehicles are currently being serviced by private enterprises, and that this particular vehicle was in the in Nelson Mandela Drive on a business day (where the picture taken)

“Unfortunately, the quality of the image is too poor to really see what happens at that particular moment. What really happened was that the staff of the company took the vehicle for a test drive and stood it. Other staff, wearing the orange uniforms of the company, ran closer to helping get the vehicle back to the center a few meters away. ”

Makhele assures that no police officer or detainee was involved in the incident.

@TsHiMo_Leo, the minister himself wanted to know if he was aware of that.

@K_Seepamore swept to the minister he saw the police had a good time with the prisoners in Bloemfontein.

@xjstevie wanted to know if this is the usual practice for prisoners and whether it is the way in which the police save fuel.

Earlier this month, detectives in the Free State apparently were not allowed to drive police vehicles to investigate cases due to a fuel shortage. The police confirmed that there was a fuel shortage, but denied detectives being stranded because they do not have fuel to drive.

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