Malema vs Mbalula: Twitter spat breaks out over minister’s whereabouts

A Twitter spat between EFF leader Julius Malema and Police Minister Fikile Mbalula over his holiday whereabouts took full flight on Wednesday – with Malema warning Mbalula that it would all end in tears.

“Now you are talking rubbish and when I start you will be crying like a baby,” Malema tweeted in response to Mbalula’s comments that suggested that Malema was trying to gain votes by criticising Mbalula’s festive whereabouts.

Earlier, Malema posted a tweet criticising the police minister for going on holiday, allegedly to Dubai, at a time when crime was high during the festive season: “The whole Minister of Police [is] out of the country at this critical period of the year, talk of priorities. Crime is a serious problem in this country but leisure for our ministers is more important according to the conduct of …[ANC] ministers, sies.”

Mbalula retorted, questioning: “It is leisure to be with family? Don’t be desperate for votes you can do better don’t doubt your support man [sic].”

He then suggested Malema “has the unquestionable right to engage me am not allergic to THAT. I must also clarify him [on] something, I don’t do quite often…”

Malema meanwhile began sending out a series of posts suggesting: “I’m all for the family and you know that very well but timing is everything, we can’t have the winning team without a leader. You miscalculated, just accept and come back home now.”

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