I Didn’t Steal A Rand From The South African Government, I Only Took What Belongs To Me As The President Of The Country- Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma, speaking from the African Union summit in Ethiopia, believes corruption is of ‘exaggerated’ in Africa, and that the cause lies with ‘outside forces’.

According to Zuma, he has never taken a rand that belongs to the South African government to enrich himself as been widely speculated and will never contemplate doing that as it is against his oath of office and allegiance to the nation.

Zuma noted that it is only in Africa that the term corruption is blown out of proportion by external forces who hope to benefit from their hidden agenda, by pitching African leaders against the very people who freely elected them without compulsion.

“I didn’t steal a rand from the South African Government, I only took what belongs to me as the president of the country. If money goes missing in a house, you cannot ask the father of the house where the money went to. All the money in the house belongs to him. ” Zuma said.



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