How does Zumas recall work?

Cape Town – The African National Congress (ANC) has decided to recall President Jacob Zuma, ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule announced on Tuesday.

Magashule said that it had communicated a decision to recall Zuma as the country’s head of state, but he has not yet responded.

“We haven’t given him [Zuma] any deadline to respond,” Magashule said.
A recall can be done through a motion of no confidence.

In Zuma’s case, if the ANC submits such a motion in Parliament, it only has to secure a 50 + 1 vote – or a simple majority – for such a motion to succeed.

This would result in Zuma and his entire cabinet stepping down.

The Speaker of Parliament will hold the fort for 30 days when Parliament will be expected to elect a new president as well as a deputy.

If they impeach Zuma, Parliament must secure two-thirds majority in the house for his removal. If he goes through impeachment, Zuma will lose all benefits including security and personal bodyguards.

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