#HOMEINVASION: Wheelchair-Bound Elderly Man (64) Brutally Attacked In His Home

Nothing seems to have been stolen in the brutal attack.

On Friday morning, November 4, between 8 and 9.30am, Piet Van Deventer (64) was viciously attacked in his Heidelberg home.

According to Elaine, the victim’s daughter, the assailant(s) came into the house and started attacking her father with a panga. The domestic worker was also there but came away completely unscathed.

Van Deventer was struck again and again with a panga, leaving him with serious head injuries, namely a broken skull and possible brain damage, a broken jaw, severely broken (in several places) arm that was nearly completely severed and a variety of serious lacerations and other wounds.

Nothing seems to have been stolen in the brutal attack on the wheelchair-bound elderly man who had no way to defend himself.

“My uncle was murdered three years ago, in my father’s presence, now this. They know they get away with this because the authorities have no interest in doing their jobs because of who the victims are. They are so untouchable that they are doing it in broad daylight in the city as well as farms and plots.”

 Van Deventer’s family are still awaiting news of his fate from the medical staff at the Netcare Union Hospital.

Elaine says they will be operating on his arm soon and are praying that he pulls through and doesn’t have any brain damage. “Our faith is keeping us going,” adds Elaine.


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