High Court Questions Mokgatle Credibility

High Court questions Mokgatle credibility

The High Court made a credibility finding adverse to the NDPP and advocate Mokgatle.

(See par 55- 59 of the judgement. FUL v NDPP, Jiba, and others.)

In above-mentioned judgement, the Gauteng High Court found that Shaun Abrahams’s decision to withdraw criminal charges of perjury and fraud against Nomgccobo Jiba was irrational and should be set aside.

Jiba committed these offenses in the process of instituting trumped up charges against myself.

We the public have a legitimate expectation that the NDPP is beyond reproach.

The findings by a full bench of the High Court that the NDPP ( Shaun Abrahams ) and adv Mokgatle were disingenuous and that their explanation regarding the withdrawal of charges against Jiba, “raises serious questions of credibility”, ought not to escape sanction.

The judges describe their explanation proffered as “bizarre”.

These findings on its own warrants an inquiry into the conduct of Abrahams and Mokgatle.

It is evident from email correspondence between interested parties at the NPA that it was Abrahams who initiated and eventually withdrew charges against Jiba.

Mokgatle allowed himself to be used by Abrahams to achieve his wicked goal.

Fortunately, judges do not fall for amateurish and concocted versions by litigants.

Abrahams somehow thinks he can bamboozle or bluff judges with wordplay and semantics intended to obfuscate his underlying intentions.

It smacks of immaturity and naivety as a supposed senior experienced litigant.

Abrahams should realize that these cases are reported cases and will be part of legal history.

Law students and litigants will quote these cases for the next few decades.

His legacy is not something his offspring is going to be proud of and neither should he be.

The more Abrahams gets himself entangled in a web of deceit, the more he tarnishes his already blemished reputation.

Cartoonists have already had a field day with him.

Jiba started off in the same fashion – judgements got exponentially more critical of her – to the extent that it resulted in her disbarment from the roll of advocates.

Shaun Abrahams take heed!

By :  Johan Booysen /UcapturedSA

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