Future Health Now! 2-Year Total Health and Wellness Program

Future Health Now! Dr. Carolyn Dean’s 2-year Total Wellness Program

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It is up to you to stay healthy but I’ve made it my job to give you the tools to do just that. And I’ll start with a free sample before you make your decision to join! Enjoy 4 weeks of Completement Now! Just click here and I’ll send you…

  • Module 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Completement Now! Get Module 1 of my natural health program. Then, every seven days I’ll send you the next three modules. (See below for more details about each module. For more information on the program itself click here.)
  • My Latest Wellness Tips from the Future: I’ll send you short messages with practical tips, need-to-know news and uncensored information about natural health. Hear my take on personal well being based on my 30 years of experience as both a medical and a naturopathic doctor. (To see samples of the valuable content I’ll be sending you, click here. If you’re already getting these — don’t worry, you won’t receive duplicates.)

Plus, I’ll be sending you other special health reports, links to audio and video productions and much more. But here’s what you’ll receive immediately…

A Sneak Peak at Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4

Even if it is 3 a.m. Sunday morning, once you enter and confirm your email address you’ll receive instant access to Module One of Completement Now! Then, every seven days I’ll send you the next module. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s coming…

My ancestors were from Scotland. Find out why your descendants affect your dietary choices in Module One.
Module 1: Eat What Your Ancestors Ate: For thousands of years your ancestors – save for a few adventurers – were living in the exact same place on the planet. They adapted to what their environment offered and didn’t offer. While your environment may now vary drastically, your DNA does not. In Module One I show how to balance your diet more closely to what your great-great-grandparents thrived on.
This strategy only takes seconds a day and also helps you sleep.
Module 2: Nasal Lubrication: Many people find this simple strategy very addictive. It comes from India, 4000 B.C. It’s believed to have many benefits ranging from preventing sinus headaches to avoiding Alzheimer’s and improving your sense of smell. The “dosage” for this strategy is only 2-6 drops a day – which is hardly going to stretch the family budget.
Even in Maui you’d need to eat a bushel of oranges to get enough Vitamin C.
Module 3: Old Fashioned Vitamin C: These days, new wonder herbs, super-nutrients and “celebrity” supplements take center stage while the basics get ignored. Vitamin C is essential not just for your immune system but also for your body’s ability to deal with stress. Today’s fruits and vegetables don’t offer the same quality and quantity of Vitamin C they did “back in the day.” In Module 3 I explain exactly how you can get enough vitamin C from food-based sources your body can absorb.
Turning off the electricity at night is a simple way to allow your body to recover from all the electrical radiation that bombards it each day.
Module 4: Sleeping Without the Electricity: At night the natural electrical and magnetic activity dancing between our cells slows down. Or at least, it wants to. But if your body is being bombarded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) it may not be able to find complete rest. So while I don’t suggest you stop living with electricity, I do want you to try sleeping without it. In Module 4 I show you exactly how to pull it off.
Completement Now! : Your 104 Modules

Here is the list of modules that could be on their way to you. There may be some that don’t apply to your life but many that do !

1. Eat What Your Ancestors Ate
2. Nasal Lubrication
3. Old Fashion Vitamin C
4. Sleeping Without Electricity
5. The Power of Protein
6. The Stomach Vacuum
7. Safe Cookware
8. Backwards Walking
9. Beefing Up
10. How to Sit on the Toilet
11. B Calm
12. Melatonin Magic
13. Dairy Dichotomy
14. Maximizing Magnesium
15. Placebo Power
16. Nuts and Seeds
17. Relearning to See
18. Reducing Wireless Worries
19. Not to Little, Nor Too Much
20. Taming the TV (Part 1)
21. Body Temperature and Sleep
22. Fish for Thought
23. Super Squats
24. Taming the TV (Part 2)
25. Maximizing Absorption by Chewing
26. Chlorine-Free Bathing
27. Flaxseed: The Forgotten Superfood
28. Eggs: A Nutritional Storehouse
29. Safe Commercial Cleaning Supplies
30. Theatre of the Mind
31. Special Feature: Liver Snacking
32. Taming the Tongue: Moderate Eating
33. How to Safely Stop Armpit Odor
34. Psyllium Seed Husk
35. Yeast-Free Eating: Is it for You?
36. The Cobra
37. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
38. An Overdue Review
39. How to Eat Leftovers Without The Mold, Yeast and Bacteria
40. Brain Fitness Games
41. Carpet Care
42. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
43. Calling All Chickens
44. Sensuous Stretching
45. Unrecognized Leftovers
46. Chewing Chia
47. Wheat Withdrawal
48. Natural Bedtime Remedies
49. Negating the Nocebo
50. Gargling and Snorting
51. Fermented Dairy
52. The Breath of Life
53. Homemade Green Drinks
54. Purifying the Air
55. Intuitive Eating
56. Eating and drinking Before Bed
57. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
58. Milk Substitutes
59. Coconut and Sesame Oil Pulling
60. Working At A Pedestal Desk
61. Sugar Avoidance
62. Savoring Cilantro
63. Weekly Fasting
64. Mind-Dump Your To Do List
65. The Law of Attraction
66. Caring For Your Teeth & Gums
67. Safe Sprouting
68. Moving Through Your Day
69. Detoxifying with Chlorella
70. Healthy Cooking
71. Friendly Fats & Oils
72. Meet Your Mattress
73. Walking Meditation & Prayer
74. Self-Massage
75. Sugar Substitutes
76. Spinal Twist
77. Enhancing Your Digestive Enzymes
78. Eliminate Mold & Mildew
79. Protein Powders
80. Pillow Talk
81. Ho’oponopono
82. Poo-Free Hair
83. Herbs and Spices
84. Strengthening Your Core
85. Introducing Iodine
86. Organic Farming
87. Eat Your Vegetables & Fruit
88. Angstrom Minerals
89. Synchronicity
90. Sunlight & Vitamin D
91. Combining with Legumes
92. Powerful Probiotics
93. Great Grains
94. Five Body Theory
95. Water, Water Everywhere
96. Therapies While You Sleep
97. Healing Your Health Story with EFT
98. iON
99. Juice & Blend
100. SuperBrain Yoga
101. Water, Clay & Magnesium
102. Earthing & Grounding
103. Bach Flower Remedies
104. The Sunset of Completement Now!

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