Feel It… It’s War


Welcome to South Africa, where the negroid and Afrikaner jew rule and the White Aryan Race is a powerless minority. How did we get to this point, Folks and are we really powerless? Unfortunately, a lot of my Folk believe we are indeed powerless because we are caught in a genocide our enemies have been planning and implementing against us for centuries. I see their point, however, I see things a bit differently.

When I go into different towns around South Africa I do see negroids everywhere. The towns are infested with these savages littering, shitting and pissing in the street. It is disgusting. I’ve learned if I need to go into town to shop that the best time to go is right before they close. After a long, hard day of doing nothing but destroying, the negroids get tired and start to clear out and go home to their shacks in the township to party.

When I go into a shop on Saturday such as Pick n Pay before closing time, my eyes light up and I feel tremendous joy! There are mostly White Folk here! WoW! Where did they all come from? I don’t see too many of my Folk in everyday life. Maybe there are more of us in South Africa then they are telling us? How can we trust the numbers given by the negroid government? Is it not just another psychological operation to break our Spirits and keep us feeling hopeless?

Noticing so many of my Folk at one time got me to thinking… Are the South African negroid and Afrikaner jew government telling us in so many words that we White Folk are a powerless, dwindling minority caught in a genocide to kill our morale?


Yes, we are a minority and yes, we are being genocided, but are we really powerless? I say, No! We are not! We’ve been taught by our enemies to perceive that we are powerless.

This Is What Our Enemies Want Us To Fear

niggers free at last.jpg

I see uneducated, disorganised clowns who think a sangoma  (witch doctor) makes them invincible and that they can’t be killed.

In reality, they still fear us, which is self-evident by the way they force us to perceive ourselves as a victimised minority and sadly we play the part and fall right into their hands. We are not victims! There are enough of us to take a stand and make a difference. And that is their biggest fear and what they dread most. Every time they brutally murder one of our own, they are challenging us to stand up and by not retaliating we are telling them we are weak.

Many of my readers comment on social media and tell me we can’t defend ourselves because we turned in our guns. Hindsight is 20/20 and it has also become self-evident that turning in our weapons was a foolish thing to do, however, my point is, we are the descendants of our ancestors. We are descendants of The Great White Aryan Race who have accomplished so many tremendous feats in our history. What makes us any different from them? Our ancestors made themselves great and don’t you think for a minute that they didn’t face struggles similar to ours. The negroid and Afrikaner jew government have broken our Spirit and I am here to tell you as I write this that we are not powerless and we are not Spiritually dead.

We are not defeated yet… and we will come out of this on top if we stop playing by THEIR rules, stop playing the part they think we should play and start living the way White Boer Folk of The White Aryan Race are meant to live, which is by Natural Law. Fine, we don’t have many weapons to defend ourselves, but that does not mean we can not study, get creative and produce our own weapons to “protect” ourselves.

I refuse to go down without a fight! We will not be ruled by fear! They will fear us if they continue to intimidate us! It’s about time we stand up and end this genocide! We are not weak and we are not powerless! Our Aryan Spirit is not dead! We shall not play by their rules that enslave us! We will start to play the part and live the way our great ancestors did! The White Aryan Race will break free from our shackles, unite, rise up and become The Great White Aryan Race again if we want to survive! It’s time you stop apologising for being WHITE!

What Are We Waiting For?

For another one of our Folk to be brutally murdered by a negroid without putting up a fight?


We Must Stand UpAs A Folk And End This Genocide Ourselves.


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