#FARMATTACK: Couple Remain Calm During Farm Attack – Shoot One Thug In The Face – Vredendal

A family of Vredendal in the Western Cape says they are “grateful to still be alive” after they were the victims of another farm attack on Saturday shortly before midnight.
On Sunday Nico Greeff said he and his wife, Rene, woke up at 23:30 when their dogs barked aggressively.
Greeff says although the couple did not immediately notice anything suspicious, they were awoken a few minutes later by very loud hammering and noise.
He said his wife initially got out of bed to see if she could see anything and she noticed two thugs outside their house. The thugs, according to him, were busy pulling at and trying to force open the security gate.
“When the thug saw her, he ran to the front door. She walked into the room and said,” Nico there are men trying to break in. I immediately jumped up and grabbed my shotgun – which I always keep next to my bed – and ran to the front door, “he said.
Greef says that by that time the thugs had already broken the security gate and were in the process of breaking the wooden door.
He further said Rene stood against the wooden door in an attempt to keep the thugs out.” They managed to break the door, and I loaded the gun.  They tried to open the door again when we saw two thugs, but Rene managed to again shut the door closed.
“We screamed very loudly:” We have a weapon and we’re going to shoot! “They did not take notice of the warning and just kept on trying to open the door. I told Rene she had to stand aside. She jumped aside and I shot and hit one of the thugs in the face. They then ran away.”
Greeff says the injured thug left a trail of blood from the front door to the fence, then further on to the tarred road. The couple only found out later that there were actually four thugs involved in this attack.
“Our daughter-in-law was sleeping over with her twins. The thugs definitely came looking for money or even to hurt us. We are grateful to be alive and that we could keep calm during the whole incident, “he said.
Greef thanked the Police for arriving at the scene very quickly and handling the attack professionally.
Captain Caren Coetzee, Spokesman of the Police, confirmed that a case of attempted robbery had been opened.
Coetzee says that nobody has as yet been arrested in connection with the attack.
By: Cyril Blackburn / Maroela

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