eNgcobo Massacre: Cops Recover 8 Of 10 Stolen Police Firearms

Seven suspects were shot and killed at a church on Friday, February 23 in relation to the killing of police members in eNgcobo. One suspect who was also shot is in hospital.

City Press reported on Sunday that leaders of the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry cult – called “angels” by their members – have emerged as the alleged masterminds behind the massacre on Tuesday night, February 20.

Three of the seven Mancoba brothers suspected of involvement in the murders of the officers were killed during a shoot-out with police on Friday, the publication said.

News24 knows the names of the other four deceased, but their identities have not been officially released.

Among the total weapons recovered from the church were two shotguns, two rifles, six 9mm pistols, four swords and two crossbows.

They also recovered two safes, two laptops, one police bullet vest, four tempo watches and twenty-seven cell phones.

Forty-three suspects were detained for questioning and eleven vehicles tested by VISS (Vehicle Information Service Specification).

Cases of murder, attempted murder, and an inquest were registered.

The hunt for more suspects continues.

The chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police Francois Beukman meanwhile is expected to attend the memorial service of the five officers on Tuesday.

Beukman said in a statement released on Sunday that: “As the Portfolio Committee we give moral support to the families of the deceased and the SAPS during this difficult time.

“This is also a clear sign that the thoughts and prayers of all South Africans are with families of the deceased policemen.”

The portfolio committee will meet with the National Commissioner in the next two weeks to get a briefing on the incident.

A special debate on the matter will take place on Wednesday, February 28, in the National Assembly.

By:  Jeanette Chabalala and Lizeka Tandwa/News24

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