Education Of A Black Child

My heart bleeds not only for myself and my generation which was screwed big time by the current policies of the governing party; but for the future generation which is systematically being screwed by being fed an education that is worse than crap.

During the time when I was still going to high school, there was an arrangement that students who were discovered to be not academically inclined were sent to the institutions which were referred to as Technical Colleges to learn real-life skills that did not only ensure survival but economic productivity.

That was an arrangement under the education system called Bantu Education which was denounced in all political movements among black-interest groups.

But today we have Free Education which substituted Technical Colleges with FET colleges, and the FET colleges do not teach any practical/technical skills but only theories.

Kids who find their way to the FETs will count themselves lucky if they are drafted into Learnership programmes.

For those who do not know; Learnerships are essentially partnerships between the government, the institution of learning (i.e. the FET) and the private sector partner (a private company that provides practical training)

In other words, the responsibility for skills training has been shifted from the government to private sector employers.

And even then, it happens only when the government enters into an agreement (usually through a tender procurement process) with the private sector skills provider, otherwise, the kids will complete their FET certificate without any practical training.

And this simply means all the time they spent studying at a FET was just pointless and useless.

On the other hand, the kids who undergo skills training do so for a very short period, usually the duration equals the term of contract between the service provider and government and it is never sufficient to fully equip the learners with skills they are supposed to be learning.

This arrangement is very different from the one under Bantu Education where students were trained at government colleges(Technical Colleges) and the curriculum was well-planned and there were tests conducted so that those who were found not to be competent would undergo the training again for the second or even the third time until their performance met the required standards.

By :  Caiphus / UncapturedSA
Thursday 21st December 2017 @ 12:22 AM


EDUCATION OF A BLACK CHILDIt is not for the first time that I post the following article titled EDUCATION OF A BLACK CHILD on Facebook.

I am posting it again today, unedited and without changing a single word or letter from the original post which I sent here about four months ago. During that time I was not yet a member of UCOSA; United Civics Organisations of South Africa, which is a Civil Society Organisation which has been launched recently.

The aim of UCOSA is to Unite all Civil Society formations under one umbrella and forge forward to establishing a truly Democratic State wherein all citizens are engaged in economically productive activities.

UCOSA’s is not a political party, and therefore does not aim at replacing (overthrowing) the existing State/government, but the central focus of UCOSA is to close the gaps where the State has failed or where the Markets (the economic sector or economic players) have failed.

The following article is focused on Education,and it is, therefore, a call upon all existing educational formations, e.g. parent-teacher-student associations, learners associations, teachers organizations and other stakeholders to join hands with UCOSA to help us make it possible for every citizen of SA to attain the South African Dream – True Democracy and an Economy that is propelled towards Prosperity…..


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