Deliberate Destruction of ALL Nations. Is SA Deliberately Being Pushed to Junk Status? Global Marxism Demands It.

Deliberate Destruction of ALL Nations. Is SA Deliberately Being Pushed to Junk Status? The Global Marxist Trend Seems Indicate It. World War 3 is about hijacked governments versus citizens!
The latest unexplained, illogical, destructive, apparently selfish and self centred decision by ANC and Zuma to replace the Finance Minister has, yet again got everyone shaking their heads in amazement. The Rand has plummeted to even new record lows and is fast on the way to joining its neighbours as junk.
Are we really in a situation where one man’s ego has surpassed that of a nation and he is able to call the shots and do as he pleases? Has democracy been made into such a mockery? I believe that is what they want you to believe…
There certainly seems to be a pattern of Zuma placing himself and the ANC regime ahead of South Africa.
But is it not more a case of South Africa being put down and deliberately being destroyed? One only has to cast your eyes to Europe and and the EU dictatorship and its deliberate invasion of 3rd worlders to see the pattern again. People are stunned at the traitorous behavior of Angela Merkel, yet the lapdog Mass Media hide it all and give it a nice polish, with complicit Time magazine even making her person of the year! It boggles the mind how democracy has been hijacked and set aside. German citizens have called for her removal but the Marxist owned mass media continue to brainwash people who are too busy working as debt slaves running around to buy the latest gadget or plastic toy their TV has told them to buy. Francois Hollande himself said in the EU parliament that “The days of decision making by Populism are over“. Hang on, is populism not majority vote? Was he admitting that decisions are to be made on behalf of “dimwitted voters”? In South Africa where the cabinet is not chosen by the people it is clearly the case.
Similarly Obama and his dictatorial executive orders doing everything he can to destroy America. Even though Obama tells blatant lies on public television, proven time and time again, no one can do anything. Even a four star general has called him treasonous, yet nothing can be done. Democracy has been hijacked by Marxist World Supremacist.
The Biggest Irony is that mindless liberals have been trained to point and shriek Fascist and Racist, when it is in fact a classic fascist regime that is telling them to do this.
Fascism means totalitarian state control of everything including national resources, business and economy. That CLEARLY is what Obama and the RepDem Cartel are about. Both are supported by the fascist capitalistic system. Same applies to the LibLabCon in UK. And the Republican / Socialist Cartel in France, etc. etc. Democracy has been monopolised and privatised. No doubt the same applies in SA with the ANC/EFF and DA
Indeed in South Africa the mass media will just accept it and try discuss it as if had some strategic value for the country, when clearly it is about strengthening the regime’s position to destroy the country in order to MERGE SOUTH AFRICA WITH ITS NEIGHBOURS in order to create a South Africa “EU” monster. Zuma himself said in Parliament, “The ANC is more important than South Africa”. He even repeated the fake “democracy” sales pitch umpteen times.
Every one ignores the elephant in the room because it has been there for so long and its critics have been mocked no end, but there is a plan to reduce the amount of countries and increase the communist power blocks. The only way this can be achieved is by destroying the identity and fabric of a country with various tools. One being multiculturalism, aided by mass immigration and the destruction of sovereign Borders.
You cannot merge a country like South Africa with Zimbabwe overnight because of the vast differences in its currency, economy, industry, GDP, etc. etc. Like we saw at the creation of the EU disaster, the participating countries had to become “aligned” before they could merge their currencies and have political union.
The creation of a Union of Southern Africa has already been mooted by many in the ANC, especially the dozen or so hard line communists in the government. SADEC and various regional bodies are getting more and more powers and money and influence.
The “Rooi Gevaar” is a clear and present danger. The only question that remains is whether you are happy to accept your nation being merged with all other nations in Southern Africa. This plan has been in progress ever since the Boer Gold and Diamonds were discovered, when the Rothschild financed Cecil J Rhodes and the evil powers behind the City of London (and now also Washington) realised that Gold and Diamonds could fund their Conquest of the World. It was Cecil Rhodes who did an “Iraq WMD” on the Boer Republics with the false flag Jameson Raid to create an excuse to invade the Sovereign Republics of Transvaal and Freestate.
They have all the time in the World and indeed ALL the money in the world. They have even factored in a generation of “struggle” (that’s you), in which there will be mass upheaval and deaths. Hence the need to create a police state under a semi permanent state of emergency. Western Imperialism has been nothing other than a Trojan Horse for Worldwide Communism for over a century. Witness Malema’s recent trip to London where the Marxist Elites lapped him up…. need I say more?
Wake up people, you have been tricked. You have been brainwashed into collectivism which has always failed and brought about mass murder. Africa has 7,000 tribes, over 2,300 languages, yet only 52 countries? Clearly something is wrong, and here is the proof in a video made in 1988 already!

For the global version of this Deliberate Destruction and Merging of Nations see this article:
President Zuma’s removal of finance minister Nhlanhla Nene has paved the way for South Africa to reach junk status, according to economists.
Economists have slated President Zuma’s decision to remove finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, saying it has fast-track South Africa to junk status – as measured by the rating agencies.

Zuma removed Nene from the Finance portfolio in Cabinet, and replaced him with ANC member of parliament David Van Rooyen.

The news sent the rand plummeting against major currencies, hitting R15.15 to the US dollar, its lowest ever, shortly after the announcement.

The rand was trading at R22.75 to the British pound, and at R16.54 against the Euro at 22:00 on 9 December.

The decision to remove Nene was widely criticized by business people, economists, and other political parties.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said removing Nene was a reckless and dangerous move, which will further damage the country’s economy.

“Accompanied by no reasons for such a drastic move, one can only conclude that tonight’s action is yet another example of how President Zuma puts himself first and the country second,” said Maimane.

Maimane said Nene tried to reign in excessive government spending, which caused a block when it came to the nuclear procurement deal and SAA spending.

The EFF said Zuma appointed Van Rooyen because the new minister “will not stand up to him when he wants to do wrong things”, and because Nene “refused illegal instructions from Zuma and his friends in both business and state-owned enterprises”.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa said he was not surprised by the decision, as the ANC leadership was “morally corrupt and intellectually challenged”.

Economist Cees Bruggemans said the decision to replace Nene means South Africa will reach junk status next.

He said it also means that the nuclear deals will be approved, that SAA will go bankrupt, and the rand will hit R20 to the US dollar.

Bruggemans joked that the new forecast for the rand for 2016 is “moer toe” – an Afrikaans term for destroyed.

Companies editor at Business Day TV Giulietta Talevi said “not to be rude or pessimistic or anything, but Jacob Zuma has just fucked us”.

THINK people THINK. Your preference to just pick up slogans from lying mass media and utter them as if you know what you are talking about has been taken advantage of by the extreme left. Your apathy is leading us into a Marxist World Supremacy.
Collectivism has never worked and never will. If you feel like a lemming and want to commit suicide, feel free. BUT you have NO right to drag me or my people or my family or my culture or my nation or my heritage or my traditions or my race over the cliff with you! And I will fight to the death before I allow you to drag me over the cliff…
Obama will get his wish and there will be civil war in the streets of America, and all other countries then they can implement a police state and force America to merge with Canada and Mexico and build their One World State or whatever region it is.

Anti-racism has gone to the extreme and been deliberately radicalised so much so it has removed the NATURAL defenses a nation and race have. Whites are happy to become extinct and commit suicide and be genocided. Do you see any other race that has been subjected to this hatred and propaganda? ALL races should be worried if one race is targetted because their race could be next. Mixing everyone into one big brown melting pot IS NOT DIVERSITY. It is the wilfull destruction of diversity and puts the survival of mankind at risk.
Not that I expect logic or common sense from a brainwashed world… but look at the disgusting fake world around you… how long before you realise you have been taught to blame the same people for half a century yet nothing is changed.

by Don Deon

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