DA’s Hellen Zille is a follower of George Soros

And just look at who, 10 years ago, acknowledged that she served on George Soros’s advice for the Open Society Foundation!

Insights into Helen Zille’s background and her philosophy.

Moneweb: Here in South Africa the Open Society Foundation was founded By George Sores, who’s well know in financial circles. But you also played a quite a big role in that.

Helen Zille: Yes, it certainly was started by George Soros. he had the vision of the open society. he came from a very oppressive society in Eastern Europe at the time of very oppressive regimes in that part of the world. he understood the value of the popperian philosophy. he made a lot of money in the open society by understand human fallibility and the fallibility of markets, so he took popperian philosophy and perfected in market systems, and made a lot of money doing so. An he also decided to propagate the concept of the open society all over the word, and one of the places I’m glad to say was South Africa, and I had the privileged of serving on the board of the Open Society Foundation. I’ve certainly never been interested in finance or making money, but I really am interested to trying to establish viable democracies, and certainly most in South Africa compared to any other place in the world because this is where I happen to be a citizen and it happens to be the place that given me all my opportunities. So I have been fascinated by that challenge and i was most privileged to sere on his board here.

Article found on Moneyweb 1 June 2007.

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