Black Man, You Are Being Taken For Ride, You Won’t Ever Own The Land

For decades the southerly migrating black man was brainwashed by liberal, foreign propaganda into believing that his land was stolen by white settlers and that the only solution for his misery would be to take back the land. Many sweet sounding, complicated terms are being used to promote this idea. “Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment”, “White Monopoly Capital”, “Expropriation of land without compensation to redress the injustices of the past under apartheid.

Many words that could be replaced by a few: “Communist inspired criminal theft of property.”

Black man in South Africa – you are being taken for a ride again. You are not going to get any land back. Front National South Africa tells you today: You are being conned by your own leaders here.

It is clear by now that the ANC is adopting the policies of EFF through which the EFF gains massive support – something the ANC is losing. So, black man, you are being deceived for your vote. Go and read the statement by the EFF on their website about the expropriation issue. Look at the first page. Read it carefully and ask yourself: Am I going to receive anything?

To which the answer is a clear: NO!

More than 90% of black people who lodged successful claims under the old law did not want the land back. They wanted the money. That is why the old process was stopped by government. Anybody who thinks that he will receive monetary compensation for expropriated land, is in for a big surprise – there will be no allowance for that. Once again, you will receive: exactly nothing.

The policy statement clearly says: “…to the ownership…of the state…”. Full scale Communism where all the land will belong to the state and those who support government or bureaucracy will live in huge mansions and drive fancy cars and wield all the power. There is NO single exception to this pattern in the history of Communist states, ever!

Look closer at the statement. Expropriation will apply to white owners of land and property, AS WELL AS black owners of property. Your RDP house, your little Touba-shop, your ancestral land…under the very same legislation as the farm of the white Boer.

In fact, Zulu-man, your ancestral land in the Ingonyama Trust will become the property of government. I might be wrong, but I can’t see the Zulu people handing over their ancestral land on a silver platter to a Venda president and a little Red Pedi upstart. That kind of stupidity you find with the Afrikaner only. Hopefully the Afrikaner learned his lesson by now.

Look at section 2 of the statement: You will apply for a licence to use the land owned by government only after convincing government that you want to use the land for a purpose they agree to. So, white farmer, you will not have to move, just give your farm to government, apply for a licence to stay on for 25 years and work yourself to death without the right to pass it on to your son.

And black man, you will take your licence and you will have to work like a dog for government. No more sitting at home waiting for Sassa or waiting for government to provide. You will have to work that land, because if you don’t perform, paragraph two says: “…withdraw your licence and reallocate the land for public purposes.” So back to the shack you go, because your existence on the land depends on government’s good humour. If you have never known what slavery is, hang in there – you are bound to become slaves of the state.

If you are still thinking that you will receive money in exchange for the land, or receive the land itself – refer to paragraph 3: “….no one should be allowed to own land forever….”

Black Man, you are being taken for a ride in exchange for your vote. And when you wake up and realise that, there will be nobody to help you out of the mess. For the current, legal owners of the land are now forced into a position to fight by all legal means for their own survival. And fight for it, like they had to do for the past 300 years, they will. Count on that.

By: Gordon Fox/FNSA

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